Candidate will be responsible for the prevention of unlawful interference and protection of Amiri Flight aircraft, passengers and its crew whilst in operation in Qatar and all outstations.

The role:

  • Carry out pre-flight and post-flight security checks.
  • Carry out thorough searches utilizing equipment such as explosive detectors, metal detectors and search mirrors.
  • Process Immigration and aircraft access control.
  • Prevent breaches of aviation security in the area assigned.
  • Respond to any incidents in the vicinity of the aircraft.
  • Provide immediate response to any call for assistance from the pilots or crew.

Applicant should have:

  • A highest level of security awareness.
  • Abilty to report to duty 24/7 on short notice.
  • Investigations and surveillance skills.
  • Be well groomed and presentable.
  • VVIP/VIP Protocol and cultural awareness.
  • A Military/Police/Aviation Security background.
  • Ability to communicate, read and write English.
  • Good computer skills with knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • General aviation knowledge.

Interested applicant may apply to: recruitments@amiriflight.gov.qa